Big data is getting:


   35 zetabytes — 35 x 1021 bytes, or 35 billion terabytes — of data is generated annually
   5 exabytes — 5 x 1018 bytes, or 5 million terabytes — of data is generated every two days
   90% of data in the world has been created in the past two years


   80% to 90% of data is unstructured
   Unstructured data is growing at an annual rate of 80%


   CPU processing, networking, and storage speeds all continue to rise dramatically

It’s also getting more interconnected, especially with sensor webs, the Internet of Things, and the growth of IP-enabled devices and data of all kinds. As the barriers dissolve between the cyber and physical worlds, the risk grows that disruptions in one area will amplify and ripple through the network to trigger threats elsewhere.

Increasingly, organizations face situations where they don’t have the time or people to make sense of the data deluge quickly enough to take critical action: thwart a security threat, disable a cyber virus, stop an infrastructure attack, diffuse a riot, or seize a fleeting opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

In other words, there are times when you need to know, decide, or act right now.

TerraEchos: Big Data STREAMING Analytics

High-speed analytics are not new, and they have evolved over time. Some major approaches include relational database management systems (RDBMS), fast databases and data warehouses, distributed databases (including cloud-based systems), and in-memory databases.


All the approaches to the left of the vertical line above share one important trait: They all store, batch, or otherwise stop data, however briefly, to process it. As a result, these approaches inevitably fall behind the flow of complex big data.

In contrast, the TerraEchos platform acts on streaming data continuously, WHILE IT IS IN MOTION.

The TerraEchos streaming analytics platform:

  • Handles massive amounts of data
  • Does not stop the data at all
  • Can consume any datatype, both structured and unstructured
  • Processes continuously
  • Provides right now analysis and answers
  • Can initiate appropriate actions — identify a decision, tip and cue a videocamera, open or close a gate — in that same right now moment

Ideal Applications for the TerraEchos  Platform

The TerraEchos platform is ideal for situations and organizations dealing with massive amounts of data from multiple sources and where knowing and acting right now are critical. Examples could include:

  • U.S. Government defense and intelligence
  • Critical infrastructure protection (including facility, utility, and nuclear security)
  • Border and perimeter security
  • Transportation optimization and routing
  • Advanced cyber and cyber-physical security
  • Military force protection
  • Energy exploration
  • Financial transaction security
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Pattern and identity recognition
  • Forensic investigation
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting of complex systems

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  • Network Attack Mitigation (NAM) – PDF »
  • Collaborative Video Exploitation & Manipulation (CVEM) - PDF>>
“We’ve gone from a world in which finding the data is most important to a world where analyzing it trumps finding it because we all have too much.”

– Blu Putnam, CME Group